How to Keep Bugs Out of a Vegetable Garden

Do you have a vegetable garden? Are you having problems with bugs? Bugs are going to be an issue in any garden. North Texas is generally arid and hot during summer and ranks third among the most bug-friendly states. From less-than-optimal soil conditions to harsh summer sun and long, frosty nights, microclimates challenge gardeners year after year. […]

Plant Happiness: Taking Care of Tree, Shrubbery, and Grass Roots

Various plants showing their roots on a placard titled "Caring for Your Roots"

North Texas is beautiful, but it can be a challenging environment for perennials like trees and shrubs. Try these tips to help your favorite landscaping features thrive. We’ll also address grass care in North Texas as well. Caring for Trees and Shrubbery Let’s address trees and shrubs first. How to Plant New Trees and Shrubs […]

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Backyard landscaping next to a patio with a wooden bench

A vegetable garden is more than just a source of freshly picked salad ingredients, it’s also a great way to get outdoors and learn more about the work it takes to produce your own food. Here’s a quick guide to starting a vegetable garden the right way for reliable harvests and minimal headaches. Picking the […]

Best Trees for North Texas Landscapes

Stone paver pathway

Landscaping choices in Texas are diverse, and taking time to pick the right trees that can sustain and prosper in the Fort Worth region is essential for beautiful, long-lasting results. Here at Landscape By Design, we strive to help clients choose hardy native plants and trees that are adapted to our environment. One of the […]

What Is Lawn Dormancy?

Stone wall holding new landscaping

For some people, the winter months are marked by a special kind of beauty where everything is layered in beautiful neutral colors and the world is getting ready for rebirth. For others, winter brings about a feeling of bleakness due to the dull colors of mother nature and they are just counting the days until […]

How to Create an Energy Efficient Landscape

Stone patio with fire pit

You’ve probably already thought about energy efficiency in terms of things like your home appliances and car; one place you may not have considered is your landscape. Just like your home appliances and car, your landscape can benefit from embracing energy efficiency. Here’s what you need to know about creating an energy-efficient landscape. What Is […]

Unique Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

blue flower outdoor decorative panels

The holidays are right around the corner, and one of the best ways to spread some seasonal joy is decorating your landscape for the occasion. Not only is decorating your landscape an excellent bonding activity to enjoy with your loved ones, it can also share holiday cheer with anyone who happens by, even when you’re […]

Amazingly Spooky Backyard Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations with the words, "spooky backyard halloween decorations."

Winter may be approaching, but the chillier temperatures don’t mean you have to stop enjoying your yard. In fact, the end of the year offers some of the best opportunities to have fun with your landscaping and outdoor space. Take your Halloween spirit to the next level with some of these spooky yard decoration ideas! […]

8 Important Questions to Ask Your Landscaper

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Just as every human face is different, the face and landscape of every home is different as well. Depending on the unique characteristics of a landscape, such as the size, shape, and vegetation, the services required to optimally maintain the landscape can vary widely. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to ensure that […]

10 Tips for How to Make your Landscaping Drought Tolerant

Multi-tiered landscaping featuring a variety of summer plants

11 Tips for Making Your North Texas Landscaping Drought Tolerant When you live in a drought-prone place like Texas, it’s important to make sure your landscaping can withstand periods with little water. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your landscape beautiful throughout the hot summer and rain-free winter months. Here are 11 tips for […]