How to Start a Flower Garden

Multi-tiered landscaping featuring a variety of summer plants

Vibrant flowers, lush plants, and exotic trees. Gardens with eye-catching appeal will leave anyone pausing to appreciate its beauty. Plus, gardens are a landscaping project that the whole family can enjoy. Are you interested in starting a garden, but are unsure how to begin? Here are some tips on building and cultivating your own botanical […]

The Best Types of Stone for Landscaping

Closeup of a traditional landscape in a residential neighborhood

When you get landscaping work done in your yard, you only want the hardiest and most beautiful stones added. There are many kinds of stone out there, but only certain kinds are going to add the right aesthetic to your landscape. Your landscape designer should work with you to help you choose the best stones […]

How to Keep an Outdoor Water Fountain Clean

Outdoor fountain in a garden behind a fence.

Outdoor water features, such as water fountains, are a great way to add a little peace and serenity to your outdoor space. At the same time, however, it’s important to properly maintain your outdoor water fountain if you want to avoid mineral deposits, algae growth, and other common problems that can detract from the tranquility […]

What Type of Grass is Best for My Texas Yard?

Backyard with traditional landscaping and new stone work

Just as with any plant, the best way to make sure that the grass in your Texas yard thrives is by planting native variants. Fortunately, there are several hardy and beautiful native Texas grasses which will make your landscaping more attractive. Here are the 10 best grass types to plant in your North Texas yard: […]

Landscaping Techniques to Reduce Weeds

Young woman tending to her backyard flowerbed in autumn

Weeds are every gardener’s worst nightmare. They grow and spread quickly, taking over your yard or garden and stealing precious nutrients from your plants. If you are trying to find a way to prevent these pests from gaining the upper hand and calling your yard or garden home, follow these techniques to reduce weeds: 1. […]

Essential Tools for Taking Care of a Home Garden

Closeup of a traditional landscape in a residential neighborhood

Having the right tools is essential if you want to properly maintain your garden. For those who are just starting out, the sheer amount of gardening tools available may seem overwhelming. For most gardeners, however, there are only five essential tools necessary for taking care of a home garden: 1. Gloves The first thing any […]

How to Keep Bugs Out of a Vegetable Garden

Surronded by landscaping a stone patio contains a relaxing sitting area

Insects such as ants, snails, and aphids enjoy making a snack out of your vegetable garden. The hard work and dedication you put into ensuring the health of your plants are all destroyed when your garden gets invaded by pests. Pesticides can damage the plants, the environment, and your family, so the best way to […]

How to Maintain your Home’s Landscaping

Native plants add a natural look and feel to landscaping

A beautiful yard is a great place to spend your time, and it can also add significant curb appeal to your home. Of course, even a well-landscaped yard can begin to look dismal if it isn’t properly maintained. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to keep your yard looking great all year-round. Here […]

Prepping the Yard/Garden for Spring Planting

Closeup of a traditional landscape in a residential neighborhood

The coolest months of the year here in Texas are behind us, which means it’s time to start thinking about springtime. If you’d like to plant a garden this year, believe it or not, it’s past time to start getting things prepped. If you’re a little behind, don’t worry; there’s still time to get your […]