How to Keep an Outdoor Water Fountain Clean

Outdoor water features, such as water fountains, are a great way to add a little peace and serenity to your outdoor space. At the same time, however, it’s important to properly maintain your outdoor water fountain if you want to avoid mineral deposits, algae growth, and other common problems that can detract from the tranquility of your water feature. The good news is that with a little bit of time and effort, you can keep your fountain running smoothly and looking as beautiful as the day it was first installed.

Maintain Water Levels
One of the biggest mistakes people make when it […]

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What Type of Grass is Best for my Texas Yard?

Just as with any plant, the best way to make sure that the grass in your Texas yard thrives is by planting native variants. Fortunately, there are several hardy and beautiful native Texas grasses which will make your landscaping more attractive. Here are the 10 best native grass types to plant in your North Texas yard:

1. Buffalo Grass
Bouteloua dactyloides – commonly known as Buffalo grass – is one of the few lawn grasses that are native to North Texas, and it’s highly drought-resistant. This grass only needs an inch and a half of rain each month to stay green. While […]

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Incorporating Lighting into your Landscaping

The right landscape lighting choices can give your property a whole new look. Outdoor lighting can improve your yard’s safety, lend beauty, and extend the use of your outdoor spaces. It can also draw attention to gorgeous plants and focal points like stonework and water. Here are some tips on how to best use lighting to highlight features of your landscaping.

Trees and Other Plants
Many properties have one or two focal trees as part of their landscaping. You can wind strings of tiny fairy lights along the branches for a cheerful, twinkly effect. If you want to go bolder, use directional or spot uplights […]

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How to Prepare your Landscaping for Spring

With spring finally here, it’s time to focus on landscaping. Whether you plan to plant new flower beds, reseed your lawn, or start any other projects, now is the time to start figuring out the best way to get everything done. Here are some important steps to take to get from where you are now to where you want your landscaping to be:

Make Sure the Soil is Ready
If the ground is not prepared properly, it’s not easy to get things to grow the way you want them to. You will need to understand the quality of the soil you have to […]

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10 Best Native Plants for DFW Gardens

Adorning your home garden with plants, shrubs, and trees that are native to the Dallas/Fort Worth area is the best way to make your garden stand out. There are a number of fragrant and colorful plants that are native to North Texas which make great additions to home gardens. Throw in some hardy perennials and you’ll have a garden that is both beautiful and able to withstand the heat. Here are the 10 best plants to add to your DFW garden:

1. Hibiscus
Hibiscus plants have large, beautiful flowers and are excellent choices for hummingbird gardens and areas that have fountains or small […]

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Yes, Retaining Walls Can Be Beautiful Too!

Retaining walls are practical. They keep soil in place around hills, ledges, and so on. But that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. When designed properly, retaining walls can add a unique style to your property and can even expand your outdoor living space.

At Landscape by Design, we are experts in making retaining walls beautiful; adding extraordinary elegance to your outdoor décor. Here are just some of the ways to beautify those retaining walls.
Choose a Designer Look
Gone is the boring standard cement block structure; replaced by stylish stone, colored cement, bricks or even wood-like tiles. Just because your property requires […]

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Plant Happiness: Taking Care of Tree, Shrubbery, and Grass Roots

Keeping your plants safe and happy throughout the year requires a fair amount of maintenance, from pruning in the early spring to fertilization seasons and keeping roots well-protected from winter’s chill. The roots of your outdoor plants can take a lot of variation, from flooding to drought, but they do need the proper support to stay healthy in the long term. These tips will help you keep your landscape looking beautiful through the ages.
Create a Great Start
When you plant trees and shrubs, proper root care allows them to recover from the shock of transplantation and begin a vigorous growing season […]

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Weathering The Winter: Preparing Your Garden & Lawn For The Cold

When it comes to maintaining a garden or lawn, most people imagine fertilizing, watering, and trimming their yards extensively during the spring and summer months. Yet how you care for your garden during times of low growth is every bit as important as what you do during the most vibrant months. Pests, fungus, and other threats to your plant often hibernate underground during the winter, leaving them free to attack your plants as soon as temperatures rise again. Meanwhile, the cold air, limited sunlight, and scarce moisture leaves grass and garden plants short of nutrients and moisture, limiting their ability to […]

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Best Investments in Curb Appeal

You want your home to have the quality known as curb appeal. Does your house have it? Look at your house as if you’re seeing it for the first time, and view it objectively. What is there now, and what can you do to improve the home’s overall presentation? Curb appeal takes a holistic approach. No one thing defines it, but people know it when they see it.

Fresh and Clean

Curb appeal means a home that appears fresh and clean. If your house and its trim need painting, spend the money and have it done, or consider having siding put on the […]

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Treat Your Texas Lawn to a Beautiful Makeover

Whether you have a landscape project in mind or just want a lush, green lawn all year long, planting the right kind of grass that adapts readily to Texas heat is essential to cultivating an award-winning lawn. Fortunately, several grass types are available that are low maintenance, drought-resistant and flourish in the heat during the summer months.
Bermuda Grass
With a deep and extensive root system capable of accessing moisture during drought, Bermuda grass is perfect for Texas commercial and residential landscapes. In fact, Bermuda grass requires heat and full sun to grow thick and green. Although you won’t need to water Bermuda grass, it will […]

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