Landscape Designers of Aledo TX

The city of Aledo is famous for its small town Texas feel, with beautiful hilly landscapes and wide open spaces. No matter where your home resides in this city, we can create the perfect landscape for your property that brings out its inner and outer beauty and character. Whether you want to keep that rural, cactus laden Texas feel, or add some glamour to your landscape, we can design something unique and beautiful to make your property stand out above the rest. Since we are familiar with the Aledo area, we know what is popular and functional for your specific property, no matter how big or small your land may be.

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Aledo Professional Fireplace Installs

Outdoor activities is highly popular in the state of Texas, especially in Aledo. Living in a city where the country small town feel is embraced, spending time outdoors is an important part of everyday life for citizens of Aledo. Adding an outdoor fireplace, for example, is a perfect way to embrace the outdoors, and can be a center point for friends and family to gather. Outdoor fireplaces also bring a sense of style and character to the home, and we specialize in designing them to be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Experienced Retaining Wall Installation

Since the city of Aledo is located out in a more rural part of the North Texas metroplex, the possibility of hills and slopes are more frequent and apparent in this area. Because of this, having retaining walls on your property can be important for landscaping purposes. Retaining walls are important for Aledo homes and properties because it allows soil to be contained into a more level area, where you can properly landscape your home without the risk of putting your soil and plants at risk of eroding away on downhill slopes. We design our retaining walls beautifully, too, so not only will your plants look beautiful, it’ll also bring beautiful dimension and character to your property.

Let us create your beautiful backyard patio

With outdoor living being an integral part of Aledo culture, we can also design the Aledo property owner the perfect patio space to fit that lifestyle. Whether you want your patio space to flow with the feel of your wide open acreage, or whether you’d like a more social space with plenty of shade and seating, we can design something perfect for your home and family. Spending time outside on the patio is highly important in areas like this, providing areas to cook, socialize, play, and make memories. Hiring a landscaper like us with knowledge of the area and catering to your wants and needs would be the best thing for your property, bringing life, character, and beauty all in one.

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