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Insects such as ants, snails, and aphids enjoy making a snack out of your vegetable garden. The hard work and dedication you put into ensuring the health of your plants are all destroyed when your garden gets invaded by pests. Pesticides can damage the plants, the environment, and your family, so the best way to keep bugs out of your vegetable garden is to use all-natural solutions. Here are the best natural solutions for keeping bugs out of your vegetable garden:

1. Cornmeal

Ants are a huge problem for vegetable gardens. Sprinkling bits of cornmeal near ant hills will keep these pests away from your garden, and in a couple of weeks, destroy the colony for good. While ants will eat cornmeal, their bodies are not made to digest it. Eventually, this natural pest solution will kill the colony off and leave your garden ant-free.

2. The Smell of Onion

A lot of insects, such as aphids, cannot stand the smell of onions. This great natural insect deterrent can easily be made into a spray that can be misted over your plants once a day. To make this natural bug repellent, chop up an onion and place it in a cup of water. Next, puree the contents until they turn into a smooth liquid. You can then pour the contents into a spray bottle and give your plants a good misting.

3. Garlic Spray

If you are not sure what kind of pest you are dealing with, then a garlic spray is going to be your best option. Garlic is a natural deterrent for many different species of bug. You can create this spray by blending garlic with water. Make sure you strain the paste out of the mixture, and then pour the liquid contents into a spray bottle. This concoction will work best if you spray it over your garden in the morning as sunlight makes the smell stronger, thus allowing it to drive away more pests.

4. Barriers

The last tip to help keep bugs away from your plants is putting up barriers. Placing a thin, light-weight fabric over of your plants will create a shield that keeps out bugs while still allowing in sunshine. This barrier can also be hung up using cabbage wire which helps keep the full weight of the fabric from sitting on the plants. The only thing you need to keep in mind with this tip is that you will need to remove the sheet for a few hours every day once your plants start flowering to allow pollinators to pollinate your plants.

When it comes to keeping bugs out of your garden, a natural option is always the best place to start. Keeping your family, garden, and the environment safe from toxic chemicals will ensure that your family, your plants, and the environment stays healthy. When it comes to renovating the landscape around your home or building a nice outdoor living area so you can show off your garden, there is no better company to turn to than Landscape By Design. Our creative team of experts creates beautiful masterpieces that show off the natural beauty of the land while complimenting the gorgeous structure of your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.