Art of Landscape Design

The art of landscaping requires professional attention, especially if you want the job done right. In North Texas, especially in the Keller area, the unpredictable weather conditions also play a huge role in how landscapers structure their designs. With drought being a factor, as well as heat, snow, sporadic hail and rain activity, not all vegetation can flourish properly. It is our job to design your outdoor space with durable yet beautiful vegetation that can withstand most weather conditions and still keep your landscape looking lush and fabulous.
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Retaining Wall Installation Keller, TX

In many neighborhoods and areas of Keller, there are slopes and dips in the landscape, and it can be tricky to build and structure on uneven ground. Retaining walls are a great solution to this common Keller area problem, and also add a beautiful look to your landscape at the same time. With retaining walls, you can restrain and bound soil levels evenly, and help shape your outdoor space more efficiently to allow for a larger amount of vegetation. Whether you like walls made of rock, stone, brick, or other designs, we can create retaining walls that are beautiful and structurally sound, holding soil and vegetation in its proper place.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation Professionals of Keller

Keller is also very family friendly city, and many love to spend time with family and friends outdoors. Adding outdoor features, like an outdoor fireplace, would be a wonderful addition to a family home, where people can gather and sit by the fireplace in the elements, whether it be in the cold of winter or in the heat of summer. Outdoor fireplaces bring a sense of home to your outdoor space, providing feelings of warmth and relaxation.

Patio Designs

In addition to an outdoor fireplace, building around that structure with a functional patio is very important. Many Keller families utilize their patio as a social space, so making it aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for multiple people is crucial. We pride ourselves in designing the perfect outdoor living space for your property. We make sure to cater to your needs, and work around your style and function preferences to create a space that everyone enjoys.