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Sometimes, the reality of having a pool doesn’t quite live up to the dream in your head, even if it was one you’ve had since you were a kid. Maybe the upkeep involved with maintaining a pool is simply too much work and money. Or perhaps, you’ve enjoyed the time that you have had with your own personal oasis in your backyard, but now you’re thinking it is time to take that space and transition it to a form that will better serve your current lifestyle. Whatever the reason you’re reconsidering your backyard pool, here are some options to consider for your next possible steps.

Build a Garden

Pools usually occupy the most open part of your backyard with the most sunlight. While that placement makes for a lovely sunny pool environment, that is also the perfect space to grow shrubs and flowers. That’s why building a garden could be a great choice to replace your pool. Another advantage of this option is that there won’t’ be grass to get rid of before building the garden. This means the garden is that much closer to existing right out of the gate. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when starting the process:

  • After your pool has been removed and the space has been filled in, you will need to wait for about two weeks before beginning to plant anything.
  • It’s important to be aware that the quality of the soil will be poor it’s heavily compacted. Waiting allows the soil to resettle
  • You may want to take some samples of the soil where the pool was and send it to a lab to be tested. It could be contaminated with pool chemicals, which can be harmful to plants.

Types of Gardens You Could Build

Once the soil is ready, you will need to decide what type of garden you want to create. Consider these different options while deciding what would work best for your backyard.

Flower Garden

A flower garden is likely what you think of when someone mentions a garden. Some lovely flowers with thoughtfully placed stone walkways can create an excellent environment for you to entertain, meditate, or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Zen Garden

Zen gardens aren’t as common, but that’s exactly why you should consider it. Sand, beautiful stones, rock formations, stone paths, and some green shrubbery can help your backyard become a place where you can’t help but feel calm and serene.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens can be a beautiful and practical way to utilize your newly available yard space. You may, however, want to replace the soil in the ground with compost to help make the soil stronger to support healthier vegetables.

Planting Grass

Simply replacing your pool with grass creates an open space for children to play or for pets that you can use year-round, unlike your pool. To make this change, you will need grass seed, fertilizer, and shredded hay.


A beautiful outdoor pathway and arbor. While you may no longer want to be committed to a pool, you might also not be ready to completely let go of having some form of water feature in your backyard. Instead, you can create a beautiful pond, fountain, or small artificial river to run through your backyard. Bring in some of the advantages of having a garden by adding plants for color and atmosphere, and also add in chairs, a table, or a hammock to create a relaxing outdoor center for you and your family.

Outdoor Entertainment Center

Pools aren’t the only feature you can add to your backyard to help with entertaining. A firepit takes much less space and it is great for roasting marshmallows, enjoying an outdoor dinner, or a barbeque which makes it versatile and useful virtually all-year.

A patio or deck adds extra living space to your home which can also be helpful for entertaining. Combined with an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area, a patio or deck can expand the space people have to mingle and socialize. They can also help tie the exterior and interior of your home together to make it feel like a more cohesive, comfortable living environment.

Landscaping Professionals That Can Help

Undertaking any of these transitions requires a lot of forethought, knowledge, and skill. At Landscape By Design, we can help you make sure you get things right the first time, avoiding a lackluster result or mistakes that could have costly implications. We can ensure the soil is healthy enough to handle whatever project you want to take the pool’s place. Call us today to start the process of creating your new dream backyard!