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A healthy yard and garden start with healthy soil. Soil is in charge of feeding the plants nutrients to survive; if your plants are starving, they won’t flourish the way you’d like them to. Healthy soil should be rich in nutrients, minerals, and organic matter to encourage a healthy bio-subculture in the soil. In addition to having the correct components to support the mini-ecosystem that helps your plants grow, the soil should also be loose to allow for drainage, air circulation, and root growth. It may seem like a long list to juggle, but there are 4 easy things you can do to help make sure that your soil is a strong foundation for your plants.

Four Ways to Improve Soil Health

1. Add Compost

Compost is decomposed organic matter; adding compost to your soil has a host of benefits. The addition of compost will replenish soil nutrients, improve soil structure, and increase nutrient retention so that your plants have the necessary fuel to grow. Additionally, compost makes sure your roots have enough space to breathe by keeping the soil loose, promoting good drainage, and encouraging water absorption deep in the soil. Finally, compost helps maintain a neutral pH, which helps keep the soil safe for plants and prevent diseases.

2. Get a Soil Test

Your soil should be tested at least every three years. Soil tests help you know the condition of your soil and what nutrients to add to preserve health. Basic soil tests can be found at any gardening store and provide the following information:

  • pH levels
  • Potassium levels
  • Phosphorus levels
  • Calcium levels
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur

3. Mulch the Soil Surface

Mulch stimulates natural growing conditions, retains soil moisture, and keeps the soil cool. It also helps prevent weed growth.

4. Prevent Soil Compaction

Soil that is compacted will be hard and prevent water and nutrients from soaking in the soil. This leads to dry soil that struggles to sustain plant life. The easiest way to avoid soil compaction is by simply staying off of it.

Landscape By Design Can Fulfill All Your Landscaping Needs

The key to growing a garden is having a foundation of healthy soil that will nourish your plants. Whether it’s diagnosing your soil and creating a treatment plan or helping you create the yard of your dreams, Landscape By Design has all the skills to fulfill your every landscaping need. Take the first step to making your dream yard a reality and call us today!