A patch of sod rolled up with the words, how to remove sod.

After all the time and effort you’ve invested in achieving a perfectly manicured lawn, you might be wondering why in the world you would want to remove the sod that helped you accomplish that feat. There are plenty of reasons that your yard space might better serve you without a carpet of green, though. You might want to create a garden bed, build an extension to your house, or even pave a new driveway. If you’re ready to leave the green behind, read on to learn about three methods you can use to safely remove the sod. 

1. Dig it Up

This is one of the quickest methods. To begin, water the area you want to remove a few days before you plan to remove the sod so that it is nice and soft. This will make it easier to dig up. However, you do need to make sure that you don’t end up saturating the area. Saturated soil is extremely heavy, making it more difficult to remove rather than easier. It is also susceptible to compaction which can lead to poor growth in plants.

Next, you should cut the sod into parallel strips, 1-2 feet in length. This can be done using an edger or sharp spade. Once cut, you can pry up the pieces of sod with a spade or fork. Make sure you cut through any deep taproots. You should also try to keep the grass’s fibrous roots attached to the sod, as the sod can be used in other parts of your yard.

2. Tilling the Sod

This method requires a tilling machine that can be rented or purchased at a garden goods store. This is the best option if your end goal is to create a garden., either for an enchanting flower bed or a hearty vegetable patch. 

Tilling uses a small engine-powered machine to shake up the soil and remove clumps of grass. This helps preserve organic material under the new subsoil, keeping it healthy and perfect for supporting plant life.

After you till the area, you can begin planting immediately. Just keep in mind that weeds will often be brought to the surface. It is best to remain vigilant so that if you see any signs of them, you can remove them promptly.

3. Smother

This method is one of the easiest ways, but also one of the most time-intensive. It also doesn’t preserve the sod so that it can be used elsewhere. To use this method, take plastic or cardboard and cover the area where you want the sod to be removed. This will suffocate the grass, causing it to die and making it easier to remove. Cardboard and newspaper work best for this trick as earthworms can break them down, adding nutrients back to the soil. You can even wet the cardboard and newspaper to keep it in place.

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