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With the holiday seasons quickly approaching, you are probably in the process of getting a few gifts right now. Don’t forget to include your landscape on your Christmas list! All year long, your lawn has been working hard to keep your home looking its best. However, every landscape could use a makeover, and maybe it’s time that you treat your lawn for the holidays.

Creating a Gorgeous Green Yard

Throughout the year, your poor lawn has been taking beatings either from foot traffic, pets, or the weather itself. You want to ensure that come springtime and summer, your lawn will come back stronger than ever. Here are a few grass options that are low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and will flourish during the summer months.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is known for its toughness and resilience, making it a popular plant in the state of Texas. With a deep and extensive root system, this plant is capable of accessing moisture during drought, retaining its gorgeous emerald green color. These plants are also strong enough to tolerate heavy foot traffic, making it the perfect option for pets and kids.

For maintenance, Bermuda grass needs to be fertilized once or twice a year. The fertilizer should contain potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen. This will allow the Bermuda grass to maintain its strength, resist insect and weed problems, and keep your landscape looking pristine!

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Another advantage of using Bermuda grass is that it is perfect for homeowners who are looking to add water features to their landscaping. Due to the strength and resilience of the grass, it can handle the strain of having a fountain or a pond. No matter what kind of water feature you decide to go with, you can be assured that your Bermuda grass will handle it beautifully.

St. Augustine Grass

If you are looking for a grass that rarely needs to be watered and is able to remain its green color, St. Augustine grass may be the grass for you. This lush, green grass is coarsely textured and has ⅜ inch blades. This grass can grow rapidly in the sunlight but is resilient enough to continue growing under partial shade.

This grass grows best in areas where there is light foot-traffic, as too much traffic can damage the grass or completely kill it. Also, due to its quick growing nature, this grass needs to be mowed frequently. However, its gorgeous green color makes it worth it!

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If you have an area of your yard or garden covered by shade from trees or plants, this plant is definitely for you. This plant works well in areas where there are other plants, such as bushes, trees, and shrubs, and adds beauty with its gorgeous blue-green hue.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is sturdy, heat and drought resistant, and able to withstand heavy traffic. It is tolerant to moderate shade and can handle going long periods with little water and minimal fertilizer. While the grass will turn brown under frost conditions, it has the capability to quickly bounce back once the soil temperatures have reached 68-70 degrees. It is also exceptionally resistant to weeds and disease as it grows in a thick pattern.

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Zoysia grass thrives in all types of soil. From clay to alkaline soils, Zoysia grass is adaptable and able to thrive under tough conditions. No matter what stage your landscape is currently in, Zoysia can help create a beautiful yard that will last your family years to come.

Ready to Gift Your Yard an Immaculate Makeover?

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