A woman hanging a string of icicle lights

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start decorating. So pull out those door wreaths and string lights and all the other routine decorations that you use year after year. Or, you could break the routine and stand out from the crowd with some new and unique ideas. If you’re having trouble finding ideas that are more than just wreaths, lights, and tacky porch and lawn clutter, here are some unique outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for you:

1. Decorate Outdoor Trees

The best way to decorate your front yard is to make use of existing landscaping. Of course, lots of people wrap their outdoor trees with lights – but why stop there? Make your trees unique by adding ornaments, lit up snowflakes, pinecones, and other decorations. For a really unique look, you can make these DIY light orbs to really make your tree dazzle. For this project, you need

  • 100 count string lights

  • chicken wire

  • wire cutters

  • wire hangers

Create a sphere out of the chicken wire and then wrap the string lights around the wire. Add a wire hanger so that you can hang the ornament. You’ll of course need plenty of extension cords to make this work, but it’s totally worth it.

2. Cascading Lights

Lights attached to the roof are nice, and icicle lights can add a nice touch. But why not make your home really eye-catching with these cascading outdoor lights? Hang them in front of your door to make a unique entrance for guests. You can also hang them from other parts of your roof to light up your walls. If you have an arbor or pergola, these lights make really beautiful additions to these structures and light them up well for outdoor gatherings.

3. Putting Up String Lights

String lights are the most common lighting decoration. They can be used to outline windows, doors, your house, or for different sections of your yard. They can also be wrapped around posts or railings which can help not only with aesthetics, but also with safety to ensure there is adequate light to adequate any ice patches on the ground, especially near steps. String lights can even be used to represent snow or ice by draping them along tree branches and bushes so that you can enjoy the spirit of a white Christmas even if your climate stays too warm for actual snow this time of year.

4. Using Laser Light Projectors

Laser light projectors are one of the newest and easiest ways to decorate your home and landscape. One projector can light an entire side of your house, making them a cost-effective way to decorate large swathes of your outdoor areas. Each projector can have different patterns, such as snowflakes, candy canes, nutcrackers, or reindeer. More advanced projectors can even have more than one design. Not only are they cost-effective and full of options, laser light projectors can be a significantly easier way to decorate your house. Instead of spending many painstaking hours in the cold securing string lights to your home, you can simply set up a projector to cover the same area.

Lighting Tip From Landscape By Design: If you are looking for lights that can last for a bit longer, you may want to invest in LEDs. LEDS are brighter, have an impressive lifespan, and don’t cost as much to operate as incandescent bulbs.

5. DIY Trellis Arches

Three fire places made of stone

You can make a beautiful Christmasy entrance to your home using just a few reclaimed ladders. Three ladders painted black are all you need to create a DIY arched trellis that your guests can come through. Decorate with garlands, pinecones, ornaments, or even the cascading lights to add a unique touch of beauty to your landscape.

6. Fake Snow on Bushes

Bushes are another great part of your existing landscaping that you can use as bases for decorations. Many people add lights to their bushes, but fake snow will really make your bushes stand out in the wintertime. Fake snow is a great option when you want that snow-dusted look, but you live in an area such as Texas that doesn’t see much snow. This snow can be paired with string lights to really draw attention to the bushes. Another option is to have lights pointed at the bushes, which will reflect beautifully off the white of the fake snow.

7. Garlands, Garlands, and More Garlands

Garlands have so much potential for adding decoration to your home’s exterior, but they’re terribly underutilized. Maybe you’ve already thought of adding them to railings or columns. But you can also drape them over windows or run them across your retaining wall and other stonework. And you’re not limited to just boring green ones; some garlands can be found in other colors; others can be found with lights, ornaments, pinecones, or flowers. There’s really no limit to what you can do with a few perfectly-placed garlands. They’re much more versatile than wreaths or solitary plants.

Want a More Permanent Addition That Looks Great All Year Long?

Winter landscaping plants are a great way to minimize the work of putting up and taking down decorations while still spreading the holiday spirit. Not only do they look great during the holidays, but they can also be a great aesthetic addition to your landscape all year long. Some options to consider include:

Possumhaw Holly

Possumhaw holly is a native shrub that has a striking combination of red, orange, and yellow berries, adding vibrant color to your landscape. It blossoms during the few short weeks of cold during the winter months and helps to add a splash of color to a typically dull part of the season.

Soft Caress’ Mahonia

Soft Caress’ Mahonia grows about 3-4 feet tall and is perfect for homes that have smaller yards. The leaves are fernlike and soft, making it safe for homes that have children. During the winter, fragrant blossoms appear, ensuring your yard both smells and looks festive.

Need Help Getting Your Landscape Ready for the Season?

One of the best parts of the holiday season is fostering community and spreading a sense of cheer; decorating your landscape is an excellent way to do both. However, decorating your landscape can be a big undertaking. Instead of letting it become a reminder of holiday stress instead of holiday cheer, let your community help in turn. Our team at Landscape by Design will work with you to make sure your outdoor space becomes the festive landscape of your dreams with minimal headache to you so that you can continue to enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer. To set up an appointment or consultation, contact us today!