Snow melting on a lawn with the words, winter lawn care tips.

When spring and summer roll around, you want your lawn to look fresh and green. Many people tend to forget that their lawn still needs some care during the winter months. For a nice vibrant yard at the beginning of spring, follow these nifty winter lawn care tips.

Avoid Walking on the Grass

With winter comes cooler temperatures. These colder temperatures can make the grass in your yard brittle and weak. Constant traffic across your yard damages the grass and causes it to slowly die, leaving bald spots in the yard. To protect your grass, keep traffic through your yard to a minimum. 

Don’t Leave Ice Chillin’ in Your Yard

When cold nighttime temperatures roll around and freeze driveways and sidewalks, you can prepare by spreading sal, which melts the ice and makes a safer path. You can also apply this method to your yard. Using rock salt over your yard can help increase its resistance to freezing. This will help you avoid landscaping damage as the ice melts and leaves excess moisture in your yard. 

Avoid Clutter in Your Yard

If you haven’t already cleared your yard of fallen leaves or debris from fall, you may want to take time to do so. Debris scattered throughout your yard can suffocate the grass from the vital sunlight and air it needs to survive.  

Leaves left in a yard can attract moss and pests. They soak up moisture and create a nice shady environment on your yard, promoting moss growth, leaving your lawn susceptible to contracting diseases. If left untreated, you may be fighting to improve the health of your lawn throughout spring. 

Aeration and Fertilizer Make For a Happy Healthy Lawn

Aerating your yard is an important first step in protecting your lawn against suffocation. Aerating is a simple process in which tiny holes are poked into the yard, allowing your soil to breathe before the grass goes completely dormant for the winter. It also helps alleviate any compaction that may have built up throughout the summer and fall months.

If there is a warm day, apply fertilizer to your yard. It will help give your grass a little bit more nutrients to feed off of during the colder days, keeping your yard nice and healthy. 

Properly caring for your yard is a major step to ensure that it is protected from weeds, bug infestations, and diseases. For a team that knows the ins and outs of landscape care, design, and customer service, then look no further than Landscape By Design. Our staff is filled with creative and passionate individuals who want to help you transform your yard. Whether you’d like to add native plants or stonework, or are looking for renovations, our team can help! Contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation!