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Pergolas and Arbors Design & Installation Services in Fort Worth

Arbors and pergolas can be practical additions to yards and can enhance your home’s landscape. At Landscape by Design, we use high-quality cedar to build these structures, which gives them an elegant look. Our experts can come up with a design for your arbor or pergola and then help you select plants to add to it. If you’re looking for a more shady structure, we can also build pavilions and patio covers in your yard. We offer a wide range of arbors, pergolas, patio covers, and pavilions for those who live in the Fort Worth area.

Backyard Pergolas and Patio Covers

When you have a patio at your home, you might not use it much during the sunny hours of the day. Having a pergola or patio cover built on your deck or patio means that you’ll have a shady area to go when you get too hot in the sun. This allows you to get much more use out of your patio or deck than you normally would while also adding visual appeal to this part of your outdoor living space.

Pergolas are large outdoor structures that provide shade while letting you enjoy occasional breezes. These structures are open on the sides to let in fresh air. They are covered in lattices so that they add beauty to your home while also adding a bit of shade.

Like pergolas, patio covers are attached to your house and cover your deck or patio. The difference is that while the roof of a pergola is latticed and more open, patio covers have a solid roof. Their main purpose is to provide you with shade; however, they can also add an element of beauty to your yard.

Our team has experience creating pergolas and patio covers in a variety of styles for customers in and around Fort Worth. When you come to us for your deck or patio covering, we’ll create a beautiful design that meshes with your yard. To get started on your pergola or patio cover design, contact the professionals at Landscape by Design today.

Freestanding pergola with patio furniture in a residential backyard Free-Standing Arbors and Pavilions.

Do you have a detached patio or another area of your yard that you want to be covered? Then you may want to add an arbor or pavilion to cover it. Much like pergolas, arbors are latticed in order to add beauty and just a bit of shade to an area. However, arbors are not attached to your house; they can be found over detached patios, gardens, fountains, or other parts of your landscaping.

Like arbors, pavilions are not attached to your house. And like patio covers, they have a solid roof. Pavilions are usually much larger than pergolas, patio covers, or arbors. These large structures are often used to shade a pool deck, large patio, or other spacious areas in your yard where you like to spend time.

Landscape by Design’s landscape designers in the Fort Worth area has the experience and skills needed to help you design an arbor or pergola. We can also help you perfectly shade an area with a pavilion or patio cover. Whether you want a pergola on your patio with an intricate design or a simple pavilion for your pool deck, we can bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about how these structures can add appeal and comfort to your yard.

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