Stone arch with waterfall into pond

Creating an Oasis with Water Features

Water features in your backyard are an impressive way to enhance your property. Whether you only have enough space for a small fountain or plenty of room for a pond, you can rely on the experts at Landscape by Design to create something for you. Having these features can turn your backyard into a beautiful place where you can enjoy spending some quiet time while butterflies or dragonflies flutter about.

At Landscape by Design, we provide a wide range of water features for you to consider adding to your yard. For many years, we’ve been providing homeowners in the area with inspiring backyard environments adorned with gorgeous water gardens and other water features. Contact us today to learn more about the kind of water features we offer.

Landscape Water Features

The landscaping in your yard can create a lush environment or a more simple decorative one with a few prominent features. Adding landscape water features gives you a great way to enhance this atmosphere, whether you have a complex or simple landscape design overall. We provide homeowners in Fort Worth and surrounding areas with design and installation services for landscape water features. Our experts can guide you through the process of choosing water features that either flow seamlessly with the surrounding landscaping or provide an eye-catching design that stands out.

There are several water features that you can add to your landscaping, including fountains, waterfalls, water terraces, and water walls. The kind that works best for your Fort Worth area home depends on the layout of your property, what other landscape features are around, and what types of water feature designs you prefer. Our professionals at Landscape by Design can show you the options that are available and help you select the ideal ones for your yard.

Backyard Water Features

Your yard can serve as your escape from hectic daily routines. Putting in backyard water features can go a long way toward ensuring that this space remains as calming and serene as possible. Water features can also enhance your backyard, making it more visually appealing. When you want to add water features to your yard, you can depend on our team at Landscape by Design. Whether you’re leaning more toward adding one large fountain as a focal point in your yard or having a few smaller water features, our professionals can help you narrow your options so that you can find the ones that fit your vision.

A water feature behind an iron fence, surrounded by landscape Garden Water Features

Putting water features in an existing garden or building a garden around a large water feature can make your Fort Worth area home look stunning. At Landscape by Design, our team of professionals knows how to help you create an idyllic garden complete with water features. From gently flowing waterfalls to bubbling fountains, you can count on getting a beautiful garden with the right water features.

Our experts take your design preferences into account when helping you select water features for your garden. Whether you want a large and elaborate feature or a small and subtle one, we can help you choose garden water features that are perfect for your home in Fort Worth.

Backyard Ponds and Brooks

You don’t need to live on the edge of a lake or river to enjoy nature. With backyard ponds and brooks, you can have your own natural water feature right on your property. Landscape by Design has been providing Fort Worth area homeowners with their own ponds and brooks for years. When you want to create a naturalistic setting in your own backyard, you can rely on our team for guidance. Our skilled experts can work with you to design a running brook or a still and serene pond for your yard. We’ll help you determine the most suitable spot for your pond or brook while also helping you choose the design for it.

Ponds and brooks can turn a plain backyard into a scenic one that you can admire every day. When you have guests over for dinner or other gatherings, you can take a stroll around your pond or along your brook while chatting pleasantly. When you want to begin designing a pond or brook for your yard, contact the experts at Landscape by Design.

If you like what you see, give us a call. The team at Landscape By Design can create similar features in your yard or design something unique and spectacular for you. Whatever vision you have for your yard, our team can bring it to life.

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